Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Remember When....

Remember when I was a diligent food blogger that actually wrote multiple posts in a month (sometimes in a day when I was really bored)?  Yeah, me neither.  That was a while ago, although my blog history tells me that it was true. 

What happened, you ask?  Well, at the beginning of June I moved back to Nantucket for the summer, to work at a catering company.  And then that kind of took over my life.  I think the last meal I made for myself (other than the occasional egg over easy on a bagel, which, despite being one of my most favorite meals, is not exactly blog-worthy), was that carrot salad that I blogged about in July.  Around that time work weeks stretched from about 40 hours to 50 to 60, into the 70s come August, and here's what suffered in the mean time:  sleep, my social life, any attempts at fitness and exercise, and cooking for myself.  I think the last time I actually went grocery shopping was like...August?  Since then I've consumed most of my meals in bites, primarily of cupcake and frosting, and appetizers when I've been working at cocktail parties.  And grapes.  There were a lot of grapes in the fridge for the past few months, that made many a meal.  Ahh, the glamorous life of a professional cook!