Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Deceiphering the next recipe

Well I haven't written lately because I haven't baked much lately. I've been too busy working long hours and last weekend we actually got off-island to visit my dad & sister on the Cape. Tonight I finally remedied that by baking the tried and true banana bread bundt cake. I just pulled it out of the oven, and it's making my cottage smell pretty tasty. It looks exactly like the one in my previous banana bread post, so I'll spare you the photographs. Another part of my baking slackerdom is due to the fact that Erik actually baked brownies on Monday (the first thing he's baked, other than birthday cake, that I can recall). They were pretty good. I say "were" because they are mostly gone now. Which is why it was time for more banana bread (that, and the bananas that I had been saving had turned black and were growing mold on the outside. I was undeterred, into the bread they went!)

I just received a very belated birthday present in the form of a cookie cook book from my boss's mom. I started browsing it for ideas and I'd like to try the oatmeal apricot cookies this weekend. Only catch is the book was published in England, and the recipe calls for "polyunsaturated spread." Bonus points to anyone who can tell me what that is, or rather, what the American equivalent is. When I Google it most of the hits are from .uk websites and they talk about English brands, so I am unsure of what I could use that's available here. Crisco? Smartbalance? If I figure it out by Saturday I will try the cookies and give you a full report.


  1. Hi Macy! I am honored (or maybe I should say honoured) that I can contribute to this question. Polyunsaturated spraed is just margarine.
    Hope all is well! Anna

  2. Ahh, I can't believe I didn't think to ask you, my ex-pat friend! I figured it was something margarine-esque, although when I was in the grocery store today I was so overwhelmed by the wall of margarine that I wasn't even able to choose one. But at least now I know I was on the right track. Thank you, Anna!