Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A (Delicious) Cop-out

Sometimes you're just not in the mood to cook. That's what frozen pizza is for.

To be honest, I haven't been spending much time in the kitchen lately. I have a number of excuses: Going out to dinner, eating leftovers, working late, general laziness.... Additionally, there has been an unprecedented influx of baked goods into our kitchen over the weekend, that for once I was not (entirely) responsible for. Thursday night Erik and I made a blueberry buckle for a "State Party," where each guest brought a dish that represented their home state (Erik is from Maine). A few pieces of our delicious buckle made it back with Erik, which got me through the weekend, along with some excellent Vermont spice cake. Additionally, my great friend Liz (of sent me two batches of cookies in the mail, which Erik and I have been devouring, although with the remains of last week's banana bread. So as you can see, lots of baked goods!

Another thing that has been putting a bit of a damper on my cooking/baking motivation is that I've finally started bike-commuting. Last summer was dry and warm, so I started bike commuting on the first of June or thereabouts; this summer started out so wet and cold that I was afraid to ride, because I didn't want to risk being forced to bike 4 1/2 miles home in the rain. However, since I've started biking my commute has nearly tripled in time. The added time isn't really a big deal, but it has made shopping a real pain because biking to the grocery store adds an extra mile to the commute and means I have to cross through a particularly hairy intersection (twice), and then there is the added weight of the groceries in my dirty old messenger bag... Meanwhile, Erik has finally started taking the bus to work to save a little gas money for the next month or so. Like me, last year he started busing to work as soon as the seasonal route started, but this summer he was a little slow to ditch his car. So now he is restricted to shopping at the very mediocre in-town grocery store (I can't believe we used to shop their exclusively before we had our cars).

I spent most of today racking my brain for a quick, easy, light, meal that I could bike to get the ingredients for and then prepare quickly when I got home, but I was just coming up empty. Apparently Erik was having the same dilemma, because when he called me after 5 to confer on dinner (a nightly ritual--we rarely plan ahead), his best suggestion was frozen pizza. The mediocre grocery store near his office only carries one brand of pizza, and it's horrible. We tried it once...won't make that mistake again. So, I had to get a pizza, and bike it home. Which I did. Tied on with gardening twine.

It was delicious, as always. But really, this post isn't simply to sing the praises of Stop & Shop brand Supreme Frozen Pizza (although, when you're in the right mood, it's quite delightful), but really to share the amusing image of a pizza tied to my bike. It reminded me of The Upper Crust delivery bikes from my old neighborhood in Boston, minus, you know, the practical pizza-carrying boxes attached to the back.

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