Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Year, A New Name

Happy New Year!

When I started my blog six months ago I told myself that the name "The Baker's Dozen" was only temporary--surely some witty, clever, or at least apt name would pop into my head. But alas it has not, so I'm enlisting help from you, dear readers. If you are craftier at naming things than I am (and I assure you, you are), then please suggest something that you think describes my blog better than "The Baker's Dozen". The themes/concepts I've been playing with recently include "easy food," or the whole Nantucket/"out to sea" thing... 'Cooking Up A Nor'easter'? No, dumb. But you get the drift. So while I keep blogging, get your creative juices flowing and help me figure out what to call this darn thing!


  1. Happy new year fellow food blogger!

    Maybe we should combine our blogging forces - if you want to contribute to Table Vibrations, you can take over the title. Once I start my residency in the summer I will be too busy for Table Vibrations anyway.

    The other option is "Tasty Macy". AWESOME.

  2. Table Vibrations is good, but Tasty Macy might be a winner. Will have to think on this one. Have you read my comment about including recipes? I am serious!